what is the bolt pattern of a 1973 buick riviera?

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Answered: What is the bolt pattern diameter for a porsche wheel?

5 x 130mm, where 5 bolts used. 4 x 130mm, where 4 bolts used...like on old 924 and 914

Answered: What is a 1973 farm silo worth

It depends on the size of silo, what condition the auger is in, is there rust eating out the down tubes? Does it have a dust purge system or an up-draft dryer? Do you have rats, mold and fungus in the pit? Where it is located? What is someone willing to pay for it?

Answered: I am looking for a free baby barefoot sandal crochet pattern

Did you check to see if it was on google?

Answered: Http://tinyurl.com/10528-patterns

Hi! what did you want to know? Diana

Answered: Sirdar#3962 Iam looking for the pattern if any one can help me out I

If you are looking for Sheffield Anniversary pattern you are in luck.I have almost complete set of 8.Im going to be putting it on Ebay.It was my mothers and now I have it.If you are interested in buying it,email me back.On ebay my name is Bamcam2010.
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