what is the best weapon to make out of boss souls in dark souls?

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Answered: What is dark energy?

The term "energy" we use of (very general) an influence (power) in 3 spatial dimensions + time. What about the other dimensions? Indeed there are indications in our world and time of more than 3 spatial dimensions. Power but interact easily cross dimensional. What about the influence of all the ...

Answered: Weapon ban in the military, when was private weapons banned on military

If you live in the US, they are not banned on military bases. You have to register them in advance before you bring them on base. This applies to both military and civilians.

Answered: Why am I dealing with an Adult-Child Boss?

Thanks for your reply. Good advice..I might look into contacting corporate, however I don't know that it will do any good. It's a coffee shop chain, independently owned.

Answered: Hey, Soul Sister!

Ha! Now that's just fun! Nice work on that one! Now if only UNF would do something this cool.

Answered: Where is our soul

where is our soul? before i answer,i suggest u to read answers from question''who please know the soul and all'' and ''i heard that the soul weight ...ounchs'' and ''are there soul in plant''. but in Buddhism say that the soul stay in the center of the heart.u see when someone love other,they ...

Answered: Concealed Weapon Permits for nonresidents

Go to handgunlaw.us and check out the links regarding reciprocity for non-residents. Good luck!
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