what is the best time to take birthcontrol pill to prevent nausea?

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Answered: How can u get birthcontrol pills without a doctors permission????

Just about every state in this country has a planned parenthood. They will provide you with an exam samples of birth control and a script to get filled. You may have to get your male counterparts to help you pay for the refill on your birth control but if he wants to get in there he will help you ...

Answered: Could birthcontrol affect my baby if I'm pregnant?

Hi, In general no. The same hormones that are found in the birth control pill are found in a woman's body. Research has not shown any major effects in the case a woman uses birth control pills on the first few days of pregnancy. Hope everything works out.

Answered: What has everyone used as a nausea.. well, helper ...

My wife drank 7up and ate Saltine crackers. Seemed to help her as well as anything.

Answered: Time management

Many time management tools are free of cost that are just a pain to use and there are some paid tools that are a waste of time. But my tasks has become easier and be more productive once I started using Replicon software ( http://www.replicon.com/olp/online-time-recording-software.aspx ). At our ...

Answered: Time management

Time is money and it is the most precious resource that can never be get back. So, we should use it wisely. We have to realize that time management is a myth. Tracking daily activities is much better and useful too, we can form an accurate picture of what we actually do! To track daily activities ...
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Yasmin pill

was it prescribed by doctor or not. use White Lightning Diet Pills .

Can ginger help with nausea during pregnancy?

Yes, its very helpful with morning sickness etc, you can try ginger beer, ginger tea, it really does work wonders.

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I eat more bananas than most people i think on account of a hypertension problem and i think i got an overload of potassium when i took a potassium pill, so i will watch that next time. Thanks everyone. Things are okay now except my fingers are still drawing and i don't know why. But i have ...