what is the best med for bipolar?

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Answered: Mental Illnesses: Bipolar and ?

I am also Bipolar, and have functioned fairly normally over the past 13 years, but did have two episodes that occurred that were considered bad in my book (and my wife's)...anyway...the person you are describing in the question sounds more like my brother who was 2 years younger than me (he recently ...

Answered: What is bipolar

A mood disorder sometimes called manic-depressive illness or manic-depression that characteristically involves cycles of depression and elation or mania. http://en.docsity.com/answers/33979/do-you-know-about-bipolar-disorder

Answered: Is ez meds a safe way to order medication?

I represent a medical plan that helps people who cannot afford their meds to get them free. If you wish to contact me please feel free. starr.tony@gmail.com

Answered: What exactly is bipolar disorder and how does it present in sufferers?

A) Bipolar is a physical illness, involving hormones/neurotransmitters in the brain (Things like Seritonin, dopamine, etc). Bipolar patients experience rises and falls in these neurotransmitters, affecting the physical mood of a person. This is often accompanied by a variety of emotional responses ...

Answered: Post opnon steroidalpain meds post op Is there any ...

Most pain meds do NOT contain steroids. Why you can't find them is strange. Are you in some 3rd world country? If you're in the USA or Canada or any other developed country, pain meds are readily available without steroids. To name a few: Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone.

Answered: How do you treat a person with bipolar.my son just stopped his meds but

It is imperative that you consult a physician or someone who specializes in your son's medication because this video about taking medication explains the amount of deaths that occur from stopping medication.
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Www.meds.com What kind of a medication is hydrocodone and is it

Hydrocodone is a narcotic pain releiver, used for moderate pain. Yes it can be addictive if you abuse it

Bi-polar meds

I find it fitting that you made a typo in your question, saying Tears instead of Years. There can be a lot of tears during this time. You have probably learned that it can take a doctor a decade or more to find just the right meds, or even diagnosis, for a loved one. When they cycle up (or down) it ...

Waiting on ssdi ruling on bipolar

Unfortunately, I think you've got more waiting to do.

Is it possible to stop bipolar triggers?

Contrary to unpopular belief there is not an easy quick fix. By just taking a pill its not going to alter the situation rendering it fixed it is a lifetime duration . recognition understanding an considering such should all be taken into account of the realization that it is the seriousness involved ...