what is the best hair perm for hard to curl gray hair?

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Answered: I used to have a naturally curly hair until i put a straight relaxer in

yes even walmart has a fix for your problem you can redo anything that you have done to your hair with it but idon't know what it is called call a beaudy salon they will know what it is called

Answered: Obama Gray Hair

Maybe that was the one thing he didn't lie about, because no one asked him about the color of his hair while he was running. If they had, he would have probably said that was his true color.Under all that Hair club For Men products lurked Nelson Mandella (?). I am so tired I feel my eye lids might ...

Answered: Perming extremely curly hair

if you use large perm rods and not alot of them you won't need to straighten it first. if you are african american, i would just get a softer hair straighten.

Answered: What makes hair turn gray?

Gray hair is the biggest problem nowadays. You should know that, gray hair is also a genetic process. If your parent has the same problems, then you could be on the same line. Vitamin B deficiency, stress and thyroid disorders can also make your hair gray. You can learn more about gray hair causes ...

Answered: Hair breakage at the scalp after a perm. It isn't all the hair but high

don't dye your hair before a perm or get one if your hair is sun damaged, don't get them too often either. salons are out to make money, they won't turn you away when they should. it's also true that if you are having surgery the anesthesia will ruin your perm. wait till after you have it done

Answered: I had a soft curl perm done at brio academy the ...

Brandon Cosmetology Student..... Unfortunately no form of perming or relaxing will help anyone's hair grow faster. High alkaline chemicals such as perms and relaxers used in retexturing hair severely damage the hair permanently to a point that it can never return to its original state. Perming or ...
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How can i straighten short frizzy gray hair

A really good straightener is necessary, especially for wiry grey hair. I use this one from CHI and always have great results: http://www.hairproductspro.com/farouk-chi-original-flat-iron-1.html Also, use a frizz-ease type product to smooth any flyaways after straightening.

How do you curl your hair with a straightner?

Check out this wikihow page. It should definitely help! http://www.wikihow.com/Curl-Hair-with-Straighteners

Why do we get gray hair

Do you live without regret, Lorne?

Straightening a perm?

They have just brought out the new Mk4 model, go for that. It has dual voltage so she can use it anywhere in the world and it also has a timer that allows it to turn itself off if left on by accident. I have medium length hair and I have the narrower ones as well as the wide ones, although I use ...