what is the best binoculars to see far away?

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Answered: Binoculars Manufacturers?

What do you think of the chinese binoculars?? Here is a good china binoculars manufacturers . Xiamen BYD Co. Ltd (Xiame HY) was launched in 1994 by three partner who all have ten years good experienced in the optical field. This is there web site:www.china-outdoor.com

Answered: How far away is Heaven from Earth?

to be a smart ass i WILL SAY TWICE AS FAR AS HALF WAY! but to be more honest I will say as far from you as your asking Jesus to come into your heart and to forgive all of your pasts of all that is sin, and then WHEN jesus enters in you are as close as a touch.

Answered: How can you tell what magnification level a particular binoculars

Here's a good article on binoculars magnification: Hope this helps. Binoculars: Frequently Asked Questions .

Answered: How to purchase binoculars

When binoculars are bought it is necessary to look at the quality of the product. Because the quality of the binocular gives good impression to the users. I love bird watching binoculars , the feathers and the actions of the bird are enjoyed only through binoculars. Whenever i found free time i use ...

Answered: TJ/JO how can we miss you when you won't go away?

Isn't it just special the way Lester leaps to the defense of someone he claims to not even know? You 2 should elope.
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10x32 bushnell permafocus binoculars

i have always preferred the 10x personally i have some steiner 10x42's http://www.mybinocularharness.com

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someone might by them try and sell them on an optics forum or ebay someone will buy them better that tossing out http://www.mybinocularharness.com

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