what is the benifit in activital?

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Answered: SS benifits from my wife

Don I would recheck this with SSA. If your wife had the required 40 quarters and you were married to her for 20 years(I'm not sure about this number as it might have changed), you should be able to collect half of hers. However, if you are collecting SSA, you would only get the larger amount of ...

Answered: Benifits

AA & NA R approved programs. SSA will fund Schick Shadel and Betty Ford clinics. VA has substance abuse programs (on hold due 2 gov't shutdown). Talk 2 them. No harm asking.

Answered: I just applied for my holding week with ...

Andy, You only answer the questions for the weeks the computerized call tells you about. If it says for the week of 2/1/10 to 2/8/10, that is the only week you report on. Good luck. I hope you find a great new job real soon. Anna Sparky's Mom

Answered: Want to know if someone could see if they got my husbands hospital

You need to telephone the VA to find out about a claim. AOL Answers can't help you. Even if you told us your husband's name, and we asked, the VA wouldn't tell us.

Answered: E-commerce

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Can I ddownload my 2009 soc sec benefits form

You can download the form from this web site. http://www.ssa.gov/

I am a Humana member. I am on dialysis and am wanting to travel to the

I would expect that Humana would cover dialysis in California, Oregon or Washington; Humana offers insurance in all three states. It says on the Humana website that if you have a network you must use network providers, except for emergency or out-of-area renal dialysis. You may need an appointment ...

Social secuirty I receive widows bebfits now and I ...

What he said. I doubt you can collect two benefits at one time. Stick with the one that pays more.

How many weeks should it take for unemployement benifits to be apporved

You should contact the State Unemployment Insurance agency as soon as possible after becoming unemployed. In some States, you can now file a claim by telephone or over the Internet. It generally takes two to three weeks after you file your claim to receive your first benefit check. Some States ...