What is the average wait time for your concealed carry permit in Oklahoma?

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Answered: Rifles and shotguns legal to carry unloaded in vehicles without concealed

I am in Pennsylvania and I traveled into NJ for a lot and they are a very strict state. Just going to use them because even if Virginia is strict they are most likely similar. As long as you as a person are legally able to be in possession of a gun and so is EVERYONE IN THE VEHICLE and it is not ...

Answered: Cancealed premit

may I carry my hand gun (in my automobilel not on self) in the states of Arkansaw, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Answered: Montana guns laws and sex offenders...

No You need a clean record.

Answered: I just moved to Sikeston, Mo. I have a conceal ...

No transfer, go back and start over again.
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Concealed Weapon Permits for nonresidents

Go to handgunlaw.us and check out the links regarding reciprocity for non-residents. Good luck!

I have a criminal record can i get a concealed weapon permit

i had a pistol buried so far down in saddle bag on bike, the cop didin't even look for one til i told him. is that a bad thing? Idaho

Do i need concealed license to carry handgun while hunting in Oregon?

I am in Pa and we have some gray areas. If you are carrying a handgun that fits the description of usable firearms for the season, you are okay if it is exposed and a hunting license is fine. If its a semi-auto pistol, you need a concealed carry and it has to be concealed. Since Pa does not allow ...

Do I need a Concealed Weapon License to carry mace ...

Here is the latest state restrictions for Pepper Spray and Mace products: http://www.izapmen.com/state-restrictions-pepper-spray-mace.html Hope this helps!