what is the average sperm count for a 40 year old man?

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Answered: How to reserve zero sperm count problem ?

I think he meant to say reverse zero sperm count, not reserve it. It may be possible to reverse a vasectomy, but it doesn't always work. There may be an obstruction. Or there may be anti-sperm antibodies.

Answered: Can a 79 year old man still ejaculate

yes, maybe you need see here https://www.more.com/user/profile/203591

Answered: My husband only having 1 million sperm count and no mibility.he takes

Do not give up! There is allways a hope for rise of your chances to having a baby. If you are interested in natural methods how to increase sperm count then read this atricle: How to increase sperm count naturally

Answered: What is minimum sperm count is needed for IUI ?

I think you need to contact your doctor to get the exact numbers. Good luck.

Answered: Low Sperm Motility

No - this is not considered infertile at all. Feel free to check this page - normal sperm count (see the blue box about halfway down). Good luck! Rachel Inbar www.FertilityStories.com
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How to grow sperms, do we need to have anything nuitrients?

If I understand your question correctly you are loooking for a way how to increase your sperm count. If I am right then you need to visit this article http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Increase-Sperm-Count-in-a-Natural-Way&id=2706863 you will get any information on this issue there.

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0% sperm cont any heal or any medicine ? Kindly tell me

This is a common problem. It could be that you have sperm but they are not ejaculating, due to a blockage so there are ways that a doctor can obtain your sperm for your testes to use in IVF. There are also some cases where no sperm are produced at all. You need to speak to you doctor, but this ...

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