What is the average score on the cpc exam?

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Answered: How long does it take GRE scores to be sent out after taking the general

ETS says that scores for the computer-based general test "will be sent to you and the score recipients you designated within 10 to 15 days after you take the test." (Score Report Mailing Dates )

Answered: I have got A score of 600 in GMAT, can I get addmission in any of the top

While your GMAT score does affect your application, it is not the only criterion. Business schools factor in your essays, your work experience and your story (which may be the most important). Your story is why at this point in time do you want to attend business school and how will the school to ...

Answered: Any universities not asking GRE score?

I have heard there are some universities that don't require the GREs but I'm not familiar with which ones.

Answered: What is average bowling score for 5 year old?

A typical 5 year old would have trouble getting any score without bumpers in the alleys. With some practice, maybe a score of 50.

Answered: CPC test Queries...

yes you can things written in your books but not pasted on. Good luck

Answered: Do our children have a higher or lower IQ score then our parents? Are

What We Have Learned About Gifted Children The Gifted Development Center has been in operation since June, 1979, and we have assessed over 5,600 children in the last 30 years. By concentrating totally on the gifted population, we have acquired a considerable amount of knowledge about the ...
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Exam stress!

It was quite normal to feel stress during the exams, but understand that exams are just to evaluate your preparation. Practice is one of the most effective key complete the portion thoroughly, organize the preparation well. Get good and sufficient sleep. Eat healthy and balanced diet. Try to ...

Do I see my GRE scores before I choose the grad school recipents?

I know that there are 2 choices. You can have them send the GRE for you to the schools you write on the test, before you begin... and in that case you will not see the scores before it is sent. However, you can just get the test results sent on your own, and you can wait to do this until you get ...

Toefl doubts

There are some Universities that will accept a 79. Here is a list of minimum TOEFL scores - http://toeflnow.com/toefl-score

I have got 900 in GRE

I would consider retaking the exam if you have time. Also don't forget to write a good personal statement or a college application essay . For more writing resources or writing services visit www.essayvision.com