what is the antonym for wares?

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Answered: What is the antonym for emigrating?

immigrate [??m??gre?t]vb 1. (intr) to come to a place or country of which one is not a native in order to settle there Compare emigrate 2. (intr) (of an animal or plant) to migrate to a new geographical area 3. (tr) to introduce or bring in as an immigrant [from Latin immigr?re to go into, from ...

Answered: Antonyms

Lignite is a cheap burning coal if you are looking for the name of expensive coal that is the most efficient, then you are looking for Anthracite.

Answered: I want to download the soft ware for my scanjet 5500c scanner.

Look on the website of HP. They should have it there.

Answered: What navy medals can i ware?

Federal law makes it a Class-C felony to wear a medal that you were never awarded. penalties for that go from two to ten years in prison, depending on the circumstances of the case. There is one exception: the Congressional Medal of Honor. To impersonate THAT decoration can get you life ...

Answered: What is the antonym of scribe?

As a verb meaning to write: erase, or read. As a noun: reader.
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What are synonym & antonym?

A synonym means the same (or almost the same); an antonym means the opposite. A synonym of "yes" is "okay"; and antonym is "no".

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