what is the albumn Buena Vista Social Club (album) worth? who wrote the song Buena Vista Social Club (album)?

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Answered: Who wrote the song

Robert Meredith Willson (with 2 L's).

Answered: Song dont cry for me manyana

You mean Don't cry for me Argentina?

Answered: Who wrote the song Sandinista!? how much is original Sandinista! album

In 1980, The Clash recorded "Sandinista." The critics held that much of their view was based on experience, that the Sandinista cult had so little to recommend them that an album sharply critical of their abuses was well in order. Other artists have recorded CD's that are sharply critical of ...

Answered: Who wrote the song Mexican Joe

It was written by Mitchell Torok.

Answered: What is the albumn Jackinabox worth?

At least, that's something.
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