what is the ace memo from progressive?

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Answered: Memo

Apologize first. Then tell him that it will never happen again. Then tell him that you enjoy your job(do you?). Or just tell him the truth that you are angry and frustrated, whatever the truth may be. Get it all out of your system, if he is willing to talk at that point. but apologize first. that ...

Answered: Ace inhibitor exchange

who cares. i asked a question about ace inhibitors, not sneakers. don't send me any more of your messages.

Answered: Ace Pollard,scam artisit

well all i can say is that he had EVERYTHING well planned n now he is also putting other people in which have nothing to do with his fraud...he should be in jail but im sure that he is gona get away wit it lik all da other times

Answered: What is the highest lens you can make in a Progressive? I am a +12.

I'm not sure but I'm guessing you could ask any salesperson at a local Lens Crafters store. Good luck.

Answered: Formatting memo and academic papers

There are a couple of differences between the memo and the academic paper. A memo is a written document that is created in response to a specific question or problem. It contains a To*: line, a From: line, a Date: line, and a Subject: line. A memo often presupposes that the recipient ...
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