what is the 4 minute Abs" workout by Jake Hunter?

what is the 4 minute Abs" workout by Jake Hunter?

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Answered: Best workout for weight loss

Hi there. I want to say that I managed to lose weight with Reductil pills. I lost almost 5 kg in the first month and the same weight in the second month. I'd say this is the best method of losing weight and still continue your usual activities. I mean I didn't have any side effects from using them ...

Answered: Can anyone recommend some exercises for the abs except sit ups as these

Sits up are an important exercise for abs but since you have a problem with this you can do other exercises like - crunches, lying back on a Pilates ball, bicycling, chair leg raises, and/or an Ab roller. These are effective exercises for abs.

Answered: Five minute full-body workouts

Try to take best diet and do exercise.To find out more details click on Site:- http://www.bodybuilding-workouts.org/

Answered: Are men and women need different ab exercises to get their abs in

There is no difference between Men and Women and what ab exercises they should be doing. They can both do exercises like the Best Core Exercises without any risk for women. The biggest difference between men and women is the challenge of achieving a six pack. There's no six pack unless the body ...
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What a fantastic article! I laugh whenever I see ...

Yeah this dude was definitely trying to ask a question that he already had an answer to. Not sure if Yedda allows that or not. In any case, if someone would prefer not to patronize his site, they can feel free to look elsewhere for an abs program http://get-ripped-abs-here.blogspot.com/

Why do i have abs?


Is jake really as awesome as he seems?

Oh i dont know about that.......

For how long do you need to do all these work outs a day, like how many

It depends on what type of workout you want to do. Common routine usually takes 3-4 times a week, with days interval between each workout. Abs exercises may be done everyday if you only perform one exercise. You can look for the Internet for more specific details.