what is the 4 minute Abs" workout by Jake Hunter?

what is the 4 minute Abs" workout by Jake Hunter?

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Answered: Can anyone recommend some exercises for the abs except sit ups as these

Sits up are an important exercise for abs but since you have a problem with this you can do other exercises like - crunches, lying back on a Pilates ball, bicycling, chair leg raises, and/or an Ab roller. These are effective exercises for abs.

Answered: Five minute full-body workouts

Try to take best diet and do exercise.To find out more details click on Site:- http://www.bodybuilding-workouts.org/

Answered: How did Jake Kenyon Shulman of Houston, TX die

it was tragic, but she opened a copy of Obamacare and read most of it. The coroner's report was that she bored herself to death. The only thing more certain than that is the Internal Revenue Code.

Answered: Best workout for weight loss

Working out three to four times per week is a great place to start, once you have your routine, stick to it and you will see the benefits. You’ll notice increased energy levels and your body will begin to adapt. That fitness goal will become ever closer.If you struggle for time, write down ...
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