what is symres:C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton 360\MUI\\09\01\coUICtlr.loc/KNOWNBADREDIRECT.HTML?

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Answered: How Many Days from 01/09/1940 to 01/09/2015?

From 1/9/1940 to 1/9/2015 is 75 years. 75 * 365 days, plus 19 leap years from 1940 to 2012 = 27394 days.

Answered: Norton 360 installation Support

Hi Denny: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Norton 360(TM) -- AOL Security Essentials FAQs

Answered: Whats best team to use in madden 09

i say the titans because if u put chris johnson at wide out and have white as a power back its hard to beat .also put young at qb great line up.guys hit me up ps3 madden my name is j-roberson09

Answered: Hos do I find a folder or file

In Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can click on the Start button at the bottom left. The field at the bottom says "search programs and files". If you know the file name, or even the beginning, type it in and click on the magnifying glass to search. Another way is to click on Documents, or ...

Answered: I want to send a file that is larger than 20 mb. How can I do with with

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I have a new computer. How do I access the apps I pay aol for? Mechanic

Norton Support web site to do a live chat -- You can open your Norton Support in your Norton anti virus and go to the location below. Tell them your problem. If you have never created a Norton account, than do so with your email address and password and write it down. ------------------- https ...

Madden 09...Please Help!

Try Cheat Planet

.ped files

http://filext.com/file-extension/PED Try this site.

Too many Norton products?

LOL! Norton Internet Security Suite includes ALL the others. If you installed each of these seperately, not only are you being TOTALLY REDUNDANT, but you PC is probably running very slowly, AND erratically.