what is stronger brass of nickel plated?

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Answered: Brass electroplating

I did a search on Rio Grande and they have a kit for electroplating that is about $360.00 here.

Answered: How do I apply for the senior discount for license plates ?

visit: www.cyberdriveillinois.com/services and click on Services for Seniors .

Answered: Buffalo Nickels with dye defect

What year and mint?

Answered: Brass vs. Copper?

The colors of the metals are different. Copper is a bright orange and bronze is rich orange or brown. They are different in their hardness, also. Copper is used to coat utensils, while bronze is used in construction of sculptures and statues. Source: www.laser-cutting-online.com

Answered: Car number plates

My friend say,best services provide by National Numbers.if you want to buy car number plates visit-National Numbers. Thank you.

Answered: Is a henry golden boy rifle because of the brass plating practical for

Yes. The receiver is made from steel, the brass is just a very thin coating. If you want to keep it as a collectible, however, then you shouldn't use it at all. The brass plating wears away with repeated use.
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Bonestructure: I love your answer. I found this brass tray by the dumpster at my apartment complex. I tried the magnet test and it is real brass. I like it on my wall. One of my friends told me these things were out of style. I am going to keep it. Like you said, "the hell what anyone thinks ...

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I think you're a little confused - go back to the asylum -

How can you tell if it is brass

Just look at the color. Brass is a buttery yellow alloy of zinc and copper.