what is statue 812.014-2c1 and sentence if any?

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Answered: What is worth of Bronze statue sculpted by Miley ...

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Answered: Is the statue facing the wrong direction?

Think I know the one you are talking of...and "Yes".. S G 6/29

Answered: Is this sentence written correctly? the elections will soon began.

No, will soon indicated future and began indicates past. Rather than began use begin.

Answered: I wanna know whether the sentence-

My suggestion would be: "What television service are you currently using, Sir?" If you need further help in structuring sentences, check out the Thank You Note Wording website: www.thankyounotewording.info . Hope this helps.

Answered: Who makes the Oscar statue?

The Oscars are made by a company in Chicago called R.S. Owens & Company . It is run by Martin Vega.
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