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Answered: When can i collect my deceased husbands ssi he would have been 70 and i

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Answered: Husband Applied for SSI 5 months ago.

Well, if you qualify it means the SSA is not doing it's job. I suggest you go to the local SS office and find out what the problem is. Good luck.

Answered: Is there a time limit on claiming amount of money you paid a lawyer to

a supplemental security income or SSI pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income...SSI benefits are payable to people 65 and older w/o disabilities who meet the financial limits...seek an expert lawyer or an accident claim lawyers for more legal information.

Answered: SSI in louisiana

Bobbie, please explain just how receiving $9696.00 annually in Social Security Disability is earned income.

Answered: What if my baby dad get ssi and he gets its for my daughter also now he

If you are not married to your daughter's father, then do not allow him access to any of the money. If you are married, v.s.

Answered: SSI checks

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal program under the Social Security Administration which gives benefits to people who are aged 65 years or older or are blind or have a disability with low income. Unlike other SSA programs, it does not require that the beneficiary have earned enough ...
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Social security inc.com I am on SSI in the state ...

hi bj, all u need to do is go to the ssi office and change the address.thats all.

Ssi number

No. That would be fraud. You have to supply a huge amount of evidence to support a claim of disability. And, your doctors have to submit their findings independently of what you send in. You can apply on someone's behalf, but they have to be mentally unsound and be clinically diagnosed as such.

Do you have to report money you inherit to ssi

Yes, you do. Though, as a one time event it may not affect your SSI. However, if you put the money in the bank, and it exceeds a certain amount and you leave it there past a certain length of time, it will affect SSI. You'll have to check with them to find the amount and time. I can't recall and I ...