what is spectrum of intergroup relations?

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Answered: How inclusive is "Work Related?"

If you were NOT on the clock - then it cannot be termed 'work related.' If you are a 'salaried' employee rather than an hourly wage employee - that might be another story. Your Company's Liability Insurance would kick in.

Answered: What is white space spectrum?

White space is unused spectrum that sits between TV channels. The 300MHz to 400MHz of unused spectrum is considered prime spectrum for offering wireless broadband services because it can travel long distances and penetrate through walls. The FCC unanimously agreed in November 2008 to open up this ...

Answered: Public Relations

PR is a the art of creating goodwill about the company among the public through non paid forms of communications like online promotions, press releases and campaigns. They also help in maintaining mutual understanding between the firm and public. For more detailed view.refer: http://www ...

Answered: Relevance of Full Spectrum Lighting in India

1. It might appear that in a country like India this question is less relevant. But in fact it is not so. When you observe people living in countries where sunlight is abundant, they mostly try to avoid sunlight wherever possible - due to a number of reasons of course, one simply may being not to ...

Answered: Are Megan Fox and Jorga Fox related?

No they are not related. Jorja only has one brother. It's weird though, they do look alike!

Answered: How long can i resume sexual intercourse after ...

Nobody here is qualfied to make a diagnosis. You need to discuss this with your doctor.
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What is the wavelength of visible spectrum? Any online program suitable

The visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to (can be detected by) the human eye .Electromagnetic radiation in this range of wavelengths is called visible light or simply light . A typical human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 390 to 700 nm ...