what is some tikanga practices?

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Answered: Can a lawyer based in DC practice law in MD

Yes, if the lawyer is practicing legal issues - immigration, business litigation, divorce, the must be having license to practice in different states. http://www.miami-criminal-defense-lawyer.com

Answered: Sale/purchase of a law practice

So, you went to Law School and you never learned how to ask a question? I'm sure clients will be lining up around the block to be represented by someone who doesn't even know how to communicate like a human being.

Answered: Complaints about the billing practices of Doctor ...

Hi, tired to follow formal complain process? Don't know how to complain or where to complain? Well. No worry, I would love to suggest you one of the best way to get resolve your issues online. You should go for online consumer forum like http://www.irateislate.co.uk for uk.

Answered: Discuss with practical examples how linquistics ...

No thank you. We will pass on this opportunity.
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Typos! I ought to have read this first before posting. My sincere apologies.

Can Indian Lawyers Practice Law in Canada

if he/she has licenze in canada

What cities/counties in ohio can you practice non ...

The following website contains everything you need to know about practicing massage in the state of Ohio http://www.med.ohio.gov/mt_about_massage_therapy.htm PS. massage is massage whether it's called "general relaxation" or therapeutic. The only time massage doesn't mean massage is when it's ...

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