what is solstice as it relates to Stonehedge?

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Answered: How inclusive is "Work Related?"

If you were NOT on the clock - then it cannot be termed 'work related.' If you are a 'salaried' employee rather than an hourly wage employee - that might be another story. Your Company's Liability Insurance would kick in.

Answered: Earliest time Sabbath starts and relation to Winter Solstice

You are right. Candle-lighting time (the time when it is customary to light Shabbat Candles , about 18 minutes before sunset ) is earliest just before the winter solstice and is latest just after the summer solstice. The solstices are are the longest and shortest days, but even after the day is is ...

Answered: Public Relations

PR is a the art of creating goodwill about the company among the public through non paid forms of communications like online promotions, press releases and campaigns. They also help in maintaining mutual understanding between the firm and public. For more detailed view.refer: http://www ...

Answered: What ancient sites have to do with the winter solstice?

Yes, there are more ancient sites that relate well to the winter solstice. They are found across the ancient world including the American continents Ohio, Oklahoma, Peru, Central America all have such sites. Egypt has such sites, like Abu Simbel where on the winter solstice the hidden gods inside ...

Answered: How often do a winter solstice and lunar eclipse occur together?

Since there are only 2 solstices a year, and an average of less than 3 lunar eclipses a year, and there's no connection at all between them, it's quite rare for them to coincide, at least in terms of human lifetime. The last time a lunar eclipse occurred on the same date as the Winter solstice was ...

Answered: Are Megan Fox and Jorga Fox related?

No they are not related. Jorja only has one brother. It's weird though, they do look alike!
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