what is software version updater?

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Answered: How do I stop repetetive annoying software intrusions on my PC

A security program (anti-malware program) should do the job for you. You can download free ones from Cnet or filehippo. Ones that do a good job are: Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, or Panda cloud. I'm using Panda, because it doesn't use very much space on the hard drive on my computer. The ...

Answered: Updating billing info

AOL would not ask you to update your billing information. It must have been "phishing" where they try to make it look like AOL is asking. You probably gave information to some criminals. Maybe you only gave them name, address, and phone number.

Answered: I keep getting a popup to update my AOL software 9 ...

This is happening to me too... They ask me to close aol -- and it is closed-- then try to update - and get an air message each time-- cannot update as aol is not closed.... Driving me crazy.... I have had 9.5 reinstalled twice but still the same results-- have called aol in us, india and phillipines ...

Answered: Software

On a PC, use Control Panel, Programs and Features. Look for Quick Time and it shows the version.
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Best Version

The best version is no version.

Win updates

When you click Start - Control Panel - At the bottom of the list - Windows Update. Explain what happens when you do as I've listed.

Software trouble

You might be able to speed up AOL startup by compacting the PFC. With AOL signed off, use menu Mail, Mail Settings, Manage Saved Mail, Compact. It may also be helpful to delete some old mail.