what is smh short for?

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Answered: Is this a good opening to a short story?

It's not bad. You definitely need to break it into paragraphs, though. Like, after you mention his black shoes, it's a new paragraph when he's walking to school. Plus the paragraphs for all the dialogue. If you want to be a serious writer, you need to get the grammar right. It's important. I've been ...

Answered: What is the difference of cycle shorts and cycle underwear

Well Larry, the underwear goes underneath and the shorts go on top. When you reach 1st grade they'll teach you these things.

Answered: Short term rental apartment or house

You obviously have a computer. You obviously know what Craigslist is. Why not just go there and look? Why come to AOL Answers?

Answered: What is SoHo short for?

Is the leftist Muslim Atheist poster trying to improve his life? He still posted most of the day and night but he did seem to take a few breaks. He has posted under the fake Marine, Harley S. and Brother B who is still posting at 3:00 AM est.. All 3 names go to the Facebook profile page of the ...

Answered: What is a Short Sale in terms of a Foreclosure?

It's true...The term "short sales" is derived from a negotiation that results in a "short pay off" with one or more the sellers lenders. It's less expensive for a lender to agree to a properly structured offer than to foreclose on a property. A short sale is when the bank agrees to accept less than ...

Answered: Where can i buy some men's comfort cargo shorts

There are 1,000s of retail stores in the world, as well as countless online sellers. With a little effort on your part, I'm sure you can find some shorts somewhere.
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Which is worse short sale, deed in leiu of ...

short sale means you have already made arraingde ments with your lened for a lesser value,your payment go down to the short sale conditions,u pay as ulive in the home,but are selling at the same time,the bank is getting a loss,you are losing equity,but they cannot make u pay beyond your ...

More money after approval - short sale started on 12-21-09

ABSOLUTELY, they can. That is the major flaw (one of a number, but by far the biggest one) in short sales. BRIEF EXPLANATION: You do not have any contact/agreement with the bank of a binding nature. You have a contract with the Seller/Owner, and it is subject to the bank approving and allowing ...

Broward county clerk of courtIs it legal to continue to colect rent after

i don't know good luck but the house I am renting she hasn't pay the morgage since jan of 2009 and i am renting it is now up in a short sale still not foreclosed and she still keeps getting things on the door saying how to stop your house from going into foreclosure and the options

How short is the short run?

Keynes recognized that we move from one short run to another and that real economic problems must be solved in real time -- before the next election or before mass unemployment threatens the continuity of economic institutions central to capitalism or political institutions central to democracy ...