what is sienna pills made of?

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Answered: Should Sienna be back with Balthazar?

Holidaying together in Italy is a bit much. They should wait for his divorce.

Answered: Sienna and Jude back on!

I recently read that they want to get married this summer and she wants a bohemian style wedding. I really hope it does work out for them this time. I think they are a very cute couple.

Answered: Yasmin pill

was it prescribed by doctor or not. use White Lightning Diet Pills .

Answered: Sienna and Jude back together?

I don't really follow celebrity relationships.

Answered: Can i take pills to postpone my periods after two abortions.

ask your doctor don't take advice from yedda
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I found a half of a white and round pill. On one ...

I think you may have found a corticosteroid. I only have half of the information but if you found a half of a white round pill, one half would have the numbers 80 and on the back it would look like a capital J which is actually part of a capital V if the pill was whole. Do not take this pill. It is ...

What kind of pill is this

Go to this web site to find out what type of pill you have. http://www.webmd.com/pill-identification/default.htm?ecd=wnl_day_121108

What is this small white round pill with a K inside a triangle on one

See if this web site can help you. Otherwise I would throw it out.