what is sheena parveen samanipour ethnicity?

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Answered: What is food called burma?

hmmmm.. Never heard of a food called burma. All I know is that Burma is Myanmar,a South East Asian country. Have you been to Hong Kong? They have the best fish restaurants . :)

Answered: What is a sac a' poche?

a sac a' poche is a piping bag used in making Italian desserts.

Answered: Do young children tend to play with kids of their own ethnicity?

I think it depends on the child as well as his parents and the environment in which he lives. My grandson is an only child (so far); he plays with any child who's willing regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

Answered: Ethnicity

Alexander Emmanuel "Alex" Rodriguez (born July 27, 1975) is an American professional baseball player of Dominican [1] parentage.

Answered: Number of Ethnic Tribes in Africa

The real meaning of 'ethnic' is the key here and has to be defined before the question can be answered. -Virtually every dictionary has a slightly different meaning of 'ethnic', - and in Africa, they all come into play. Tribal groups have different languages or dialects within them. Many different ...
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I wish I knew. That is one gorgeous woman. My thinking is that, somewhere in there, is Latino.

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