what is shakespeare saying about ambition?

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Answered: Ambit energy? is this a scam?

I've gone into Google, and typed in 'Ambit energy, review' to see how the public feels about them, and weather they are ligitimate or not. I found a lot of mixed reviews, but there also seemed to be many postings, where people felt that they were scammed. I suggest that you try reading some of the ...

Answered: Debate Over William Shakespeare

What do you exspect from a liberal left loon Thank God He is going.He should havebeen put out to pasture a long time ago

Answered: A) explain how Shakespeare portrays Othello’s culture and the role

Well, Othello was a Moor he lived entirely different from that of his wifes Desdemona. There was rascim in this story. It's a big part of it. If your in doubt just think about what any other inter-racial couple goes threw.

Answered: What movie, song or person used to say

I think you may be referring to Jimmy Durante, whose signature song was Inka Dinka Doo.

Answered: Yi got mail 'emywyman@earthlink.net, say

Sorry to hear that. Maybe things will improve soon.

Answered: Do you enjoy going to Shakespeare's plays?

Never been to any of. His conserts
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