what is severe degenerative hypertrophic facet disease?

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Answered: Degenerative discs

I had a "bulging disc" in 84'. I couldn't hardly walk or anything. This was after chiropractic care for several years that did help. I went to a neurologist that specialized in disc problems. This is important to find someone who specializes in disc problems! Not scoliosis. I had surgery and he ...

Answered: Hypertrophic Scarrer or not?

Hypertrophic scarring or keloid formations are a risk of getting your ears pierced, especially through the upper ear (through cartilage) with a piercing gun. An article titled "Complications of Body Piercing" by Donna I. Meltzer, M.D, covers the likelihood of such things happening. "The ear is the ...

Answered: Can a childs speech difficulties be related to a grandparent that has

May be he's suffering from any disorders as well you must see the doctor or can have the benefits from any reliable wellness service like trivedi effect. Need more suggestion please let me know.

Answered: My pain in my head (not Headaches) and Small Vessel Disease

That's called Migraine. There is no cure but such as Ergtotamine will help. It's a second cousin to LSD. Of course, know that PGR is a Democrat zombie so his head can't hurt -- because there isn't a brain in it. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: What can be done for degenerative disc disease?

Pat, I have degenrative disc disease in my back, but I am an adult. There is nothing really that you can do for it. Just take anti-inflammatories to help with the pain. Make sure your granddaughter doesn't just sit all day. Walking for brief periods is good. But lots of twisting, turning and ...

Answered: Degenerative Disc Disease/Leg Pain and Numbness

Hi Steelerluvr7, Of course, you could consult the "Doctor Who Cured His Own Stage Four Cancer". I know you do not have cancer, but this doctor also has a cheap recipe that he makes at home himself for pain. He says it gets rid of pain FAST! And has absolutely zero side effects. He says it is ...
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