what is sea sediment jasper pyrite?

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Answered: Jasper stone can you heat large jasper stone for sauna or sweat lodge?

Rose, I would not want to try it. The stone is a sedimentary type of rock. Heating the rock and pouring water over them may crack the stones. Soaking them in a hot tub may be OK for a special effect but I would not want to leave them in there permanently.

Answered: Explanation of internal oceanic waves and sedimentation

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Answered: I have white small sediments in my facuet heads, any suggestions? I am on

that my friend is calcium u need 2 get some CLR or take em off and soak em in vinegar and scrub em

Answered: Sediment dewater sediment from soil best method?

Not sure if it is the best method, probably best to cross check with a company/consultant involved in dewatering treatment .

Answered: What is Mosaic Jasper?

I love this stone and in general in the jewelry business, people are not tremendously forthcoming with details--a lot of stuff is proprietary... (Example: Rainbow Calsilica--you'll have to hunt to find info. Same thing.) Anyway I found this finally at the URL below which assuming it is true answers ...

Answered: Are sea and air drones the future of the military?

Only if you don't mind your military being rendered useless once the other guy shoots down/disables the satellites that control your drones.
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