what is S dressage level in germany?

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Answered: Germany

Have you tried these web sites? http://www.publicrecordfinder.com/military.html http://www.123people.com/

Answered: Any one on here from Germany?

What is your question? maybe you can find it here :) - http://www.germany.com

Answered: How can I start a career in Germany?

Start by getting a job. You have given us zero information about yourself and what you do. Therefore it is very difficult for us to try to help you.

Answered: How to beat level 79 candy crush?

Search on internet you can easily find hints for 79 level.

Answered: Driving in Germany

It is desirable but not required. If you are stopped, the police officer may not read English and may not be able to determine what kind of vehicle you are allowed to drive.
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I think you need a visa. But I would suggest contacting an immigration attorney to find out for sure.

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