what is ross lynch's favorite drink?

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Answered: AOL Favorites

Sign-out, and sign-in again. I've had that happen before, and when I do that they are restored.

Answered: Why are u deleteing my favorites and bank accounts and others removed

because you got my sister's girlfriend's dog groomer's beautician pregnant.

Answered: Where did my Favorites go? Signed in and found they were gone. It took

Sounds like you have a virus, or ransomware. If you get rid of the virus, your Favorite Places might be back. There is also Mail, Mail Settings, Manage Saved Mail, Restore which would use the backup copy of your PFC. That would restore your Favorite Places and mail saved "on my PC" to some ...

Answered: My favorite poison (meaning)

My favorite poison - pasta.

Answered: How do you retrieve your favorite sites under aol and save on replacement

Your Favorite Places are stored in the PFC and usually also on AOL. It may take signing off a few times before they show up. Or you can copy the PFC, which also contains mail saved "on my PC". You can copy the Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC) from AOL 9.x on one computer to AOL 9.7 on another ...
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Filing Favorites

Click on the icon next to the "star icon" (favorites), it is a plus sign infront of a star in Windows Internet Explorer. Then click on "Organize Favorites". When the window comes up, click on "New Folder" to create and name the folder, "Books" for example. Then you "Move" the favorite into that ...


Hi Rachel: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. AOL Favorite Places are missing