what is rob ruckus race?

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Answered: Race horse jockey mistakes in turf paridise

Are you trying to find race results? you can check the results at TVG :

Answered: Karakorum racing is out of bussiness

yes there web site is down and all the partners have lost everything

Answered: Is greyhound racing as exciting as horse racing?

Greyhound racing is as horse racing. Betting tips are partially similar to the horse racing tips .

Answered: Drag Racing

drag racing is invented after the world war 2 (1945)

Answered: Why is it called drag racing

I can only make an educated guess. Organized drag racing as we know it today,is the " Legal" version of "Illegal" street racing. As long as there has been 2 or more cars, someone challenged someone to a race. A designated start line, and a set finish line. The " winner " no doubt had bragging rights ...

Answered: What is a spectacle point in racing

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Greatest racing horse of the last decade?

Although I'm itching to say Zenyatta, I would say that Curlin is the best horse for the decade 2000-2010 based on his achievements. This two-time recipient of the Horse of the Year not only won the Preakness Stakes and Breeder's Cup Classic, but also proved his mettle on an International level by ...

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The movie that I recall was called Over the Edge. I am not 100% certain that is the one that you are asking about.

Male or female horses in horse racing?

I'm going to agree with Madi Jay...I don't think the sex of the horse matters in horse racing. Start looking at some race results and compare the two! Here's a good source: TVG