what is renal sinus lipomatosis?

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Answered: Sinus and nasal congestion..Head in a fish bowl..Natural product

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Answered: Chronic Sinusitis Relief

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Answered: What causes a sinus infection to occur?

The most common causes of a sinus infection are: 1. A virus 2. Bacteria 3. A fungus 4. The common cold 5. Allergies Thus, knowing the various causes of a sinus infection can help you take the necessary steps to prevent getting it. Source: http://www.avoid-nasal-allergies.com/cause-of ...

Answered: Can fungi cause sinus problems?

Yes, fungi are a common cause of sinusitis. Inflammation from nasal allergies or the common cold is the most common way to develop sinusitis. Beside fungi other possible causes are – 1. Environmental pollution 2. Allergic rhinitis 3. Hot and humid climates 4. Cocaine Use 5 ...

Answered: What does renal pelvis mean?

The renal pelvis is the funnel-like dilated proximal part of the ureter in the kidney. It is the point of convergence of two or three major calyces. Each renal papilla is surrounded by a branch of the renal pelvis called a calyx. The major function of the renal pelvis is to act as a funnel for ...

Answered: How soon can you be diagnosed with a sinus ...

If you're not prone to allregies, could be a sinus infection. Is the stuff thats coming out of your nose and throat green? If its like a nasty green like pus color, you could have an infection. I would go to Doc ASAP. In the mean time Drink lots of fluids, Vit C etc. You know the drill. Grab some ...
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Itchy rash stage 4 renal failure

Itching leads to scratching, which can cause inflammation, skin degradation, and possible secondary infection. The skin can become lichenified, scaly, and excoriated.

How long can one survive with complete renal failure when dialysis does

My mother lasted 3 weeks after stopping dialysis at age 90 when she could no longer walk unassisted. The first week she was tired, then confused, the second week she was bedridden, the third week she was barely awake and could not speak.

Sinus Pain

Antibiotics are pretty much the only thing that you need to manage the condition – and because antibiotics are very powerful stuff, be sure to discuss your options with your physician. Some cases, however, involve surgery (one or more, depending on the condition) followed by an onslaught of ...

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If it were me, I would get an octreotide scan. I am not a doctor but my husband is going through this. Did they do a biopsy?