what is RB on 14K jewelry?

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Answered: What is a good online website for wholesale gold jewelry? I am a seller

Many Online Websites are using the Term Wholesale when clearly their prices are not. If you are a store and you are looking for Direct low prices you should try looking for Jewelry Casters and Manufacturers. Also look for Jewelry Designers then you know you are getting it right for the ...

Answered: What does O.B.14K mean on jewelry? This is on a solitaire engagement

It stands for Ostby & Barton. Ostby was among the 1,500 people who lost their lives on the Titanic. Google it.

Answered: Where can I get vintage costume jewelry appraised?

check my profile and check our store to see if you can get it

Answered: What is the price of a nickel size piece of 14k gold as of 02/03/12?

By the way>>14k has a weight..and a nickel also does..(sigh)

Answered: How to sell used gold jewelry?

Recently I contacted Silver Gold into Cash for selling my old jewellery and they offered me the best price for it.

Answered: Gold jewelry is a good option for party wear?

Not all the time...!!! You can wear it on some occasion like marriage, engagement. When you are on fun party then refuse to wear gold you may lose it. You can contact with the Touch of Ireland that provide you an awesome Irish jewelry that you would like to wear.
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What is a good slogan for a jewelry store ?

"Shine with glitters and flatter all"

Thin14k gold chain with diamonds sprinkled on it ...

Hi: My name is Murray Rose have been in jewelry for over 55 years, without looking at a picture the best I can come up with would be diamonds by the yard which was made popular by Tiffanys....If you can e- mail me a picture I can be more definitive....Hope this helps..

Vintage 1950's 14K White Gold Girard Perregaux watch

Hi: The watch in the second hand market is most likely worth gold value of case only as bracelet is most likely gold filled or base metal...G P is a quality watch and if it only requires a good overhaul and you like the style, why not have it repaired it should not run you more then $100.00...Murray ...

What does 18kpg mean on jewelry?

It probably means: 18 karat pure gold .. but this is sort of an oxymoron as anything 18 karat gold is only 2/3 pure gold and 1/3 something else. More than likely it refers to the metal being solid 18 karat gold and not just 18 karat gold plated (or gold filled; same thing) Something that is gold ...