What is quick share widget?

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Answered: Completely could be synonym of quickly?

NO ... it can be completely done, but not quickly. ....... it can be done quickly but not completed. THEY ARE NOT SYMONYMS. Rob

Answered: How can I find a few Collaborative Consumption ...

There is a woman whose name has appeared on this forum that seems to be into Collaborative Consumption. I have no idea as to how to get in touch with her. The name that has been used, I don't know if it is her real name or just a screen name, is Patricia Dykes. Good luck on your quest.

Answered: Widgets

Certain specific widgets, which have been deemed safe, like Flash-based video players, can be embedded into a question or an answer. You can't post 3rd party JavaScript widgets yet. Do you want to?

Answered: Widget

Widget is: (Web Widget) ...something fun or serious that you add to your web space. Whether you are a blogger or a MySpacer or whatever. There are widgets for you! Web Widget is actually just a general term that covers a large group of website add-ons. Things like clocks or weather forecasts ...

Answered: AIM WIMZI Widget Creator Not Working

Please anyone knows what is happening in this part of the widget, it is urgent repair stupid AIM support is useless

Answered: Quick Read

If you are logged on to AOL, when you go to Read Mail, look on the right frame of the box in which your list of emails is shown. Halfway down that edge, there should be an arrow. Clicking the arrow when it is pointing to the right should expand the screen to show the Quick Read box. If the Quick ...
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is hal the ex-marine who worked in the far east ?