what is produit Des E. U.?

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Answered: How to fix a desktop computer where all u see is colors

Look at the hardware; see if they are fine or not. If not then you need to change/repair your hardware and if yes then this problem might exist due to some Malware/Trojan infection. First of all restore your system to the date when it was working fine. Doing so will eliminate all the recent changes ...

Answered: File a complaint against the u.s. postal service

That could be a problem. I was thinking that they had to have an address.

Answered: Can u be on probation still if u were discharged off parole??

What kind of probation order extends FOR LIFE? What States?

Answered: Would you say Bill Clinton was the smartest ...

Any way you look at Dems, they are the dumbest things on the planet. I mean, who else would vote for a Kenyan import that drinks himself silly every day, cusses a blue streak, hates veterans, and is so stupid he can't do one thing RIGHT? Talk about a party of stupid ingrates, racists, tokenists ...

Answered: What will the U.N. do to promote democracy in Iraq after the U.S. troops

I don't want to sound pessimisitic, but when it comes to major trouble spots in the world, the UN is pretty much an observer and not much more.

Answered: DIETHYLSTILBESTROL or DES may cause vaginal or cervical cancer?

In some cases, the medicine had been monitored to be liable in causing vaginal or cervical cancer in young women. In a single specific case, a woman disclosed that she was prescribed to take DES during being her pregnancy. This particular woman is convinced that it was DES that brought her disease ...
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Buy virtue of the fact the mail boxes already have locks on them, ...that should be a clue to the PO and UPS ...NOT to leave packages at the door! The whole policy of leaving them at the door should be done away with. Those that do want them left unsecured all day and all night should be the ...

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Wisconsin classifies its felony crimes (and misdemeanor crimes) according to the sentence allowable under the Statute. Felony classes include: Class A Felony, Class B Felony, Class C Felony, Class D Felony, Class E Felony, Class F Felony, Class G Felony, Class H Felony, or Class I Felony offenses ...

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