What is President Clinton's strange eating habit?

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Answered: The Clinton Presidency

The entire blame for 9-11-2001 attacks falls directly on Clinton for his sheer racist stupidity that he learned from the Arkansas Klan. Acting contrary to repeated warnings from Boeing Security, Clinton authorized Mohammed Atta and his fellow terrorists to train with Boeing how to fly the 757 ad ...

Answered: Ranger why did you post something so strange???

Still no answer from Ranger. He must really be on a bender this time.

Answered: Should Hillary Clinton be unelectable because she ...

She doesn't have ideas, she has slogans. Hmmmm?

Answered: Should Bill Clinton participate in the Hangover2?

Yes it would be hilarious, i mean who else could replace Mel Gibson. i hope it does happen

Answered: The Greatest U.S. President?

For years, the top three greatest presidents in people's minds were Washington at number one, Lincoln at number two and Franklin D. Roosevelt at number three. Washington by virture of being the first president, Lincoln in saving the Union and FDR for his leadership during the Great Depression ...

Answered: Strange eating habits ????

It's a staple in England. A filling and economical meal, they use beans in a tomato sauce. (whereas Baked Beans in the U.S. are typically a pork and molasses sauce) It may sound strange to us, but beans are commonly eaten for breakfast in the U.K., sometimes topping an egg & toast.
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Anything named Clinton is way below par. First disbarred, then resigned as a failure as first lady, then foisted off on the State Department until she screwed the pooch. So, does anyone want the puppies or should we just give them to the pound?

Why is Ex-President Bill Clinton called Bubba?

because they refer to him as southern white man bubba in the south is a blanket

Different eating habits.

Hi every one. You can eat food any way you like it as long as you enjoy what you are eating. Some like to look stylish when they eat and some like to butter their fingers when they eat. I guess you should follow the rules of the majority you are sitting with . For example , if they are using forks ...

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Although both parties (Dem and Rep.) are late in the year (compared to the election date) this year, it is common in the modern history of American politics for the selection process to go all the way to the Convention floor, where, in many if not most cases, the nominee is decided by multiple ...