what is praise in hebrew language?

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Answered: What does nekefet mean in hebrew

There is NO such word in Hebrew !. Can't think on any word even similar to it (or that sounds like it). Sorry.

Answered: About the hebrew language

Dear Gideon 12, Thank you so much. Lion of Judah

Answered: Hebrew language tutor

Dear Iloveisrael; JPOST.COM has a link,a well as several of the other sites. I am not being smart in pasting this info, here, but may help several. You are doing a real mitzva, todah. All Results 1-10 of 23,200,000 results· Advanced Sponsored sites Tutors In Metro Nashville www ...

Answered: How many words in the hebrew language?

I think it is impossible to count them . Say for instant you take the Hebrew word for "running" - "Ritza" is it only running or is it a verb as well- "served". Do you consider it as two words or one?

Answered: How do I learn Hebrew?

there is a free online study called beforeyouknowit- but i am here to warn you that this is a very difficult language to learn when you already have used english for 34 years! you would be well to find a real life person who speaks the language to learn it! even if you are very passionate about it ...

Answered: Learning Hebrew

Have you been to www.engheb.com? Its a new site with free monthly phrase sheets that you can receive by email newsletter. There are also some useful blogs, especially the one on ANKI for retaining Hebrew vocab. You can also read about their book and audio CD (which would help you a lot with your ...
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Hebrew – a difficult language (especially for Arab speakers)

Thanks Fish. Your answer is very helpful and I'll recommend my friend who wants to learn te lamguage on this source. Already talked to the publishing house.


Sumerian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphs go back to before 3000 BC. Of languages still in use, Greek goes back to around 1450 BC, and Old Chinese around 1200 BC.

How do yousay "repair" in hebrew?

Yes; there is a double q because the Hebrew has a dagesh (dot) in the kuf.

My name in Hebrew

Hi, Lorraine in Hebrew is: " לוריין " where: ל is L, ו is O, (so לו is Lo), ר is R, 2 י is like ai (at least pronounced so, and ן is an N at he end of a word (some letters in Hebrew change there form if there are at the end of a word or a sentence. שבת שלום לוריין = Shabat shalom Lorraine.