what is power 4 patriots weird power trick?

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Answered: Did You Trick Him

WOW! Another 19 straight hours of posting by the leftist Muslim Atheist poster. It has posted under 6 different aliases and is still posting. What kind of life does he have? It's sad, lonely and full of hate. He better get those butt sores checked.

Answered: Is It Strange

Does the leftist Muslim Atheist poster really believe that any believes or for that matter reads the stupid crap that he posts. Does he really believe that people are as misinformed as he is. Who in their right mind would believe what someone who has obvious problems and does nothing but post all ...

Answered: Who Is Right

Who is right? Not you. Idiot.

Answered: IS It Asymmertric Warfare

There will be several more leftist Muslim Atheist aliases on this question. They have to stick together because nobody wants to be associated with it so they ignore it.

Answered: Are You Cognisant

Another day and hours and hours of answers and comments from the leftist Muslim Atheist poster that nobody has responded too. You would think that this poster would get tired of being laughed at and ignored. How can anyone do nothing but blog every waking minute. It sad that someone has such a ...

Answered: Where Is Glen Beck

When you find one leftist Muslim Atheist alias you find several. They have to stick together because everyone on here are embarrassed to be associated with them so they ignore them. PGroot isn't a leftist Muslim Atheist poster.
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What does Hulk Hogan's old, defunct WCW outlaw wrestling organization have to do with world events?

Is It 20 July 2014

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster changed posting names. Can anyone tell the difference from these aliases and the ones that he posted under yesterday or the day before that or the day before that? When you find one alias you find several.

Is It Irrational

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster is fooling us again with his aliases. Why does he continue to post under them when everyone knows he's doing it. Does he believe they are real posters?

Did You Flush It

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster has put in another long day and night of posting. This is the 5th alias he has posted under. What an exciting life he has.