What is posterolateral annular tear?

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Answered: What does the bible say about our tears

It says in His Word that he will shield you from most things. What gets through is meant to help you. Don't cry. Find courage. Find the sword. The shield. and the truth to find the way forward because He is always with you.

Answered: Trail of tear

If you are speaking of when the Cherokee indians were forced from their land and moved to Oklahoma, here is a link for you Trail of Tears - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Answered: Blood instead of tears

I would definitly get a second opinion. There are Specialists out ther who are the best in this field. Taking Anibiotics the rest of your life will tear down your Amune System. This can and will create other problems alonf the way.

Answered: Where is retinal tear surgery done?

Retinal tears are commonly repaired with lasers. You need an opthalmologist who is a retina specialist. You may have to go to a large city to find one; I found only 1 in Wyoming. There is a web site http://www.asrs.org/patients/find_a_retina_specialist/index.php

Answered: How to suppress tears

There is more to this question. Some deep seated disturbance is lurking. I would advise you see a psychiatrist or psychologist. cs33ca M.Sc. PharmD.

Answered: Labrum tear and scar tissue

Scar tissue starts forming right after the injury, although it is usually not as much as when you undergo surgery. If you opt for surgery to repair it or take it out, scar tissue starts forming right after surgery, even if it is arthroscopic. According to my doctor, cortisone delays and can even ...
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Why did my eye tear long after having an iridotomy?

Laser iridotomy uses a very focused beam of light to create a hole on the outer edge, or rim, of the iris, the colored part of the eye. This opening allows fluid (aqueous humor) to flow between the front part of the eye, and the area behind the iris, the back chamber. This opening may decrease ...

I need a holistic remedy for a blocked tear duct. I have had a runny eye

There are a number of holistic herbs, administered in wash form, that can assist with your condition. If you are still experiencing this problem, feel free to contact me at theherbguru@gmail.com. -- Best Wishes & Blessed Be! Celestial Beginnings

Tearing & Popping Multiple Tendons without putting other than

Louis I just found this page. Read it all the way to the end of the page, and ask yourself if this is a possibility. I think it can be easily checked out, and corrected if this is the problem. http://www.naturalways.com/liver.htm

What to do for a tear in rotator cuff?

If you have been diagnosed w/a torn rotator cuff - then your physician should have already scheduled you for appointments w/a physical therapist. Many times, physical therapy & exercising can help repair it - then - other times, surgery is recommended - depending on how serious the injury is.