what is political participation and civic responsibility?

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Answered: Why are Republicans happy to participate in a

Bitter Democrats and their games. Screaming lies, insulting names. They prove nothing, attempt frames. Will they like prison numbers, not their names?

Answered: Are Republicans bullying people in social circles like they are in

Black Panther Goon Squads at the poll. Now in prison, so its told. Republicans are just as bold. While Democrats' feet are growing cold.

Answered: FOX NEWS AIRLINE EVACUATION disruptive passengers

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster changed posting names. Can anyone tell the difference from these aliases and the ones that he posted under yesterday or the day before that or the day before that? When you find one alias you find several.

Answered: How do you remove someone from a political convention for disorderly

If you want me to, I'm just proud to drag out Phys and then tie him by the lips to a phone pole outside.

Answered: What is a TRAINAISM?

Rocmike aka Renner aka Mark Traina you are pushing 10 hours of posting under your Renner alias alone. GET A LIFE AND SOME SLEEP.

Answered: War over Senkaku?

Leave it to leftists to go to war over nothing. They always have, they always will. They will once again dot the landscape with unmarked mass graves of people they have murdered. Other nations will have to fight because of treaty obligations. Leftists are not bright enough to think about that ...
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Test Your Political Knowledge Please tell us how many you got

If Tennisguy (AKA Physicalist, Tadpole, Cooper, ad nauseam) ask a question, it is a truly deceptive loaded question that is by definition a severe and personal insult that rational persons will not tolerate. Sad, is it not, that atheists like Hitler and Physicalist always resort to the same ...

Race, black, white, political correctness

Political Correctness is to blame for the American people not knowing what the "Enemy Within" Muslims are up to along with anything else that might cause an uproar and backlash. So we will just wait for that day when enough people get their dander up as they have via the Tea Party and take our ...

Were the falangists undrhandedly conspiring with communists?

Leftists and atheists fool nobody here.