What is plural of leaf?

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Answered: How do i know when a word is plural

Thank you all for your input on Plurals your suggestion's were very helpful now I kind of have another situation at hand and its a relationship problem im seeing someone who is much older then I am and well he has childern with his ex and well im in kind of a rush tell you my problem later till ...

Answered: What kind of gas should I use in my Leaf Blower to avoid problems with

I use 89 Octane, ethanol free plus a fuel stabilizer in all my gas power tools.

Answered: Raspberry Leaf and Stretch Marks

everything about stretch marks treatment: http://www.women-health-info.com/155-Stretch-marks-home-remedies.html http://www.women-health-info.com/154-Puberty-stretch-marks.html http://www.women-health-info.com/153-Stretch-marks.html

Answered: Deers as plural

no, the plural form of deer is deer not deers.

Answered: Nausea & Raspberry Leaf Tea?

I think sometimes Tea is not what it's cracked up to be, for some people. Although I'm not pregnant I do sip many different brands, types and flavors of it, and do consider to have valid opinions that count. I have tried one called Sleepy Time? (I do not know the exact name) that made claims of ...

Answered: Dry Basil leafs

You can place your Basil leafs on a lint free towel away from light and air. In one or two weeks they will be dried or you can get a dehydrator which only takes a few hours or over night.
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Sir: I am fairly familiar with this area % do not know of a resort. Please send directions. Ansel

Where can I find indoor hanging chime with leaves that can be hit by door

I agree. I have yet to not find anything I was looking for on Amazon.

Why there is green pigment in leaf ?

The pigment is differing forms of chlorophyll that absorbs many wavelengths of light, except the wave length that we call green. It is reflected back to your eyes and you see green leaves. The fall colors are the other pigments that reflect those various colors.