what is patricia routledge doing now?

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Answered: Where is Pat Patricia Taylor? Went to Central high ...

Is this who you are looking for? http://www.myspace.com/496714798 You can also try classmates.com

Answered: Does Patricia Dykes know?

Whats that...! Like page, chapter, and verse? I'M not to crazy about religion but this guys got his crap smeared all over the place more than this Dykes does her diaper.

Answered: Leftist liberal fundraisers............


Answered: Where is patricia parrish

who is patricia parrish?
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Why does Patricia Dykes smell like sewage?

To make you feel like you're at home or at your gloryhole hang out?

Sister June Patricia 1970/71 From Mary Mount High school So

That is what I would like to know. If anyone can help me feel free.

Patricia Ann Cochran born 7-4-1973 My lost Mom

Did you find your Mom? If not, is that your birthdate in the post? What state was your Mom in? I knew a Patricia Cockran in So California. She would have been born in 1955 ish if there is a chance I'd like to help. Char

Where is Patricia Dykes and her sewage-filled swimming pool that she uses

Dave posted his picture. 6 chins. A real handsome tub of goo.