what is one tenth of 100?

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Answered: What is 1 tenth of one tenth?

1/10 * 1/10 = 1/100 or 0.1 * 0.1 = 0.01

Answered: How many hundreds are in one tenth?

One tenth is .001 of a hundred. But if the question is about hundredths, ten of those make one tenth.

Answered: What prompted aa tenth tradition

Not sure. Try reading on the official website to see if it's listed there.

Answered: What is 9 pi to the nearest tenth?

Pi = 3.14 (in fact the exact figure is 3.14159265359) 9 * 3.14 = 28.26 rounded to the nearest tenth makes it 28.3 Now, let's see what happens if we use the exact fugure for pi: 9 * 3.14159265359 = 28.27433388 rouded to the nearest tenth still gives you 28.3 Same same...... 28 ...
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