what is occident flour and can I use it for bread flour?

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Answered: Hard white wheat flour vs bread flour

I don't believe there is any difference between the two. Happy cooking!

Answered: What is the best flour to use when baking a wide varity of Chirstmas

There are a lot of different types of flour but most all cookie recipes call for "all-purpose" flour. If any cookie recipe requires a different flour it will be specified in the recipe.

Answered: Is there wheat in self raising flour?

Yes there is wheat in self raising flour, it is just plain flour with baking powder included

Answered: Bread-flour

According to James Beard in 'Beard on Bread,' the "flour called 'all-purpose,' which is the most generally available flour, is wheat flour. It comes both bleached and unbleached, and because it is a sturdier flour and has better texture, the unbleached is preferable." He goes on to say that the ...

Answered: Which flour is hard to digest , whole wheat or all purpose flour???

I would think all purpose flour is harder to digest then whole wheat. And whole wheat flour is much healthier.
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