what is obama care 911?

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Answered: Your opinion of Obama: shake your fist and then ...

We have all seen the ignorance and bigotry of Democrat "Good ole' boys." Since that is ALL there is to the tokenist cross burner faction in America (at most 15% of the nation) then we see why they are uterly consumed with fear that they will be prosecuted and imprisoned for life with their cult ...

Answered: Obama care under 26 dependent working part time, insurance

The part of Obamacare where you have to have coverage does not take effect until 2014.

Answered: Obama health care implementation. Will there be jobs to assist people in

You have to be willing to lie and tell others to lie to hold those kinds of positions in the Obama administration (undercover type, investigative reporting has already captured those workers telling people to LIE on their Obamacare applications.

Answered: I have a friend that is AMBULATORY, His cell phone died & he can't

Gee, maybe a good friend (like yourself for example) could take 15 minutes out of their life and buy the guy another charger. Or does that make too much sense?
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How is the Health Care Law a good thing when big ...

"Obamacare" failed to pass the review of Americans because it is absolutely political and excludes injured workers. You dissidents may want to march them off to extermination camps but that is all that Obamacare could have accomplished. It is better to leave the finest medical care in the world as ...

Obama's Plan to Desecrate 9/11?

I think we need to make sure that the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence isn't turned into something that we need to be ashamed of by the Obama administration. It is a wonder that Obama hasn't gone to England and apologise to the Brits for our audacity in calling for a ...

An Open Letter To President Obama On Health Care

Obamacare was amended post apporoval, hence it failed necessary ratification. Perhaps if Democrats took middle school civics, they would be a little smarter.

Obama's latest curse . . ..

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster not only makes up many posting names he just makes up ridiculous things that make no sense at all. Anyone with an IQ over 70 knows that his crap is not true. This fool enjoys embarrassing himself. He continues to post his crap 20 hours a day even though he's ...