what is nudge in backgammon?

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Answered: What is an "ace point" in backgammon?

Check here to find more info on backgammon strategies . Let me know if you still have open questions.

Answered: My site is running online backgammon games. How ...

I think it's one of the best sites I've seen on backgammon so good luck and well done!

Answered: Where can i get a free nudge and emotions for my msn

Check out SweetIM.com . Their MSN Messenger upgrade is free and offers a large selection of mood smileys, funny emoticons and animated videos. SweetIM also offers free winks, nudges, display pictures and sound effects that work with MSN Messenger.

Answered: Hey, I'm looking to learn more about backgammon ...

Backgammon is one of the most popular online casino games today. Actually the goal of this game is to get all of your checkers off of the backgammon board before your opponent does. You have to get your checkers back to safety on your side of the board, and secondly, to try and prevent your ...

Answered: Backgammon

The "back" is in "backgammon" because "pieces are sometimes forced to go 'back.'" (Online Etymology Dictionary: backgammon )
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The dices involved can define backgammon as a game of chance , but there is a lot to it then the dices . Try watching others play and ask someone to explain each move. Once you'll play against someone which is more of an amateur then you and you'll win then you'll realize it is not all about ...

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You actually may want to make sure that you have an antivirus installed on your computer so that you don't get infected on the web.

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All I know is AOL backgammon cheats. I keep winning matches and games and each time they reduce my score. Anyone know a better game site than this one? It sucks.

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