what is natrum muriaticum 2X?

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Answered: Y/2+x;use x=1,and y=2

2/2 + 1 = 2

Answered: How to solve: (x + 6) -1 (2x + 7) -3x = -9

Hi Lisa (x + 6) -1*(2x + 7) -3x = -9 X + 6 -2X -7 -3X = -9 -4X -1 = -9 4X = 8 X = 2 Let us check uf the answer is correct (put 2 instead of X and check if it balances: (2+ 6) -1 (2*2 + 7) -3*2 = -9 8 -1*( 4 +7) -6 = -9 8 -11 -6 = -9 -9 = -9 Yes it balnces. So the answer is OK. If ...

Answered: How do I design a 2x3 banner?

why dont you just order a banner instead and design it any way you like for a cheap price .www.customsignbanner.com.

Answered: How to install 2x6 insulation on a cieling?

Have you tried stables along the flap on each side of the batt?

Answered: Stop the laundry detergents 2x3x along with the higher prices.

I do ALL of my detergent shopping at a Dollar General store. Brand names are cheaper, and the brand X's are really cheap.
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How much weight can a 2x4 support vertically?

Just as in a horizontal application, it depends a lot on the length of the 2X4.

How do you do 2x + 3y = -1 on a coordinate plane?

The equation 2x + 3y = -1 can be turned into the standard form y = mx +b by subtracting 2x from both sides and dividing by 3 giving y = -2/3 x -1/3. That gives the slope as -2/3 and the intercept = -1/3. You can graph that by picking x=0 giving y = -1/3, and x = 1 gives y = -1. Connect those ...

What will happen if i took a blood pressure med 2x instead of 1

If you took an overdose, it's probably not serious. You might wind up with a low blood pressure for a day. Your doctor or pharmacist could probably tell you better, knowing what you are taking and how much.

How to zero in a Bushnel 2x MP red dot scope

Open the book. Follow the instructions. Got that, rookie? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::