what is natrum muriaticum 2X?

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Answered: Y/2+x;use x=1,and y=2

2/2 + 1 = 2

Answered: How to solve: (x + 6) -1 (2x + 7) -3x = -9

Hi Lisa (x + 6) -1*(2x + 7) -3x = -9 X + 6 -2X -7 -3X = -9 -4X -1 = -9 4X = 8 X = 2 Let us check uf the answer is correct (put 2 instead of X and check if it balances: (2+ 6) -1 (2*2 + 7) -3*2 = -9 8 -1*( 4 +7) -6 = -9 8 -11 -6 = -9 -9 = -9 Yes it balnces. So the answer is OK. If ...

Answered: How do I design a 2x3 banner?

why dont you just order a banner instead and design it any way you like for a cheap price .www.customsignbanner.com.

Answered: How do you solve 2x36?

Blend 2 tbsp honies using about three tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. Utilize carefully to the locks, kneading via from the actual towards the ends from the head of hair. Protect your hair together with stick film or even a bathe cover. Soon after 15 minutes shampoo and rinse out effectively. www ...

Answered: How much weight can a 2x4 support vertically?

Just as in a horizontal application, it depends a lot on the length of the 2X4.
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If x/y = 3/7, evaluate 2x-y/3x 7

I think some part of question is missing,if the question is something like (2x-y)/(3x+7y), Divide numerator and denominator with y and substitute the x/y value..

How to solve 2x^2 -5 = 91?


What is (.5x 2)(2x)?

There's something missing after .5x, and I'm guessing that there should be a + sign. Use the distributive law a(b+c) = ab+ac to get (.5x+2)(2x) = x^2+4x.

What is the sum of -x 7/2x 4 and2x 5/2x 4

sum of -x 7/2x 4 and2x 5/2x 4 I will take a guess that + signs are missing (because that often happens) and also - signs are OK. But there's still something missing, such as an exponent on the first term. And the 7/2x and 5/2x could be read either as (7/2)x and (5/2)x or they could be 7/(2x) and 5 ...