what is mse, mape, and mad in forecasting?

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Answered: Son and daughter in law mad at me

Kids, I am sorry that I...........(fill in blank). I would very much like for this to all end and work on getting our FAMILY back together. Mom Even if this is total BS and you are not sorry I think someone has to extend the olive branch here...You want to see your grand child and even if they ...

Answered: Who came up with the term March Madness?

Brent Musburger and March Madness March Madness is a popular term for season-ending basketball tournaments played in March (Brent Musburger is generally regarded as the individual who first used that phrase in conjunction with the college tournament, using it during CBS Sports' coverage of the ...

Answered: Macroeconomic forecast for michigan manufacturing

In general, pretty bad. The University of Michigan economic forecast can be found at Michigan.gov as a downloadable pdf file by searching "economic forecast".

Answered: Home weather forecast

You might want to try here: http://www.weatherstations.co.uk/gifts.htm

Answered: Has anyone seen Mad Men s04e01 yet?

well thanks jeff for posting this wonderful link... i have tried it... i liked it a lot....

Answered: Boyfriend getting mad.

i remember my wife and I used to go to the dojo and spar -- a lot. She got her black belt two days before I did. The best way to defeat someone thumping on you is to be able to break a column of concrete blocks three feet high.
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Mousie, the key is documentation. Start documenting everytime she has an issue with you and document your hours, how she cuts them . When you get the documentation that you need, go to your Human Resource Representative. At least if you are ever fired you will have the documentation to show the ...

What is the 5 day forecast?

The forecast for Reykjavik is freezing every night this week. But it's better than Bismarck ND where today's High was 2 below zero.

What do you mean by the Delphi forecasting method?

Delphi forecasting is a non-quantitative technique for forecasting. Delphi method is based on expert opinions.. The essence of this procedure is to use the assessment of opinions and predictions by a number of experts over a number of rounds in carefully managed sequences. Learn more about Delphi ...

Mad cow disease

Well no and do not wait for a quick solution soon, the disease (which is rather dormant now) is a product of a consumption of proteins by cows and then by man. These proteins are usually the product of cow’s brain, nervous, endocrine and eye tissue from cattle and sheep in finding there “way” in to ...