what is mph or facs?

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Answered: Which schools have dual degree programs with MBA & MPH

There are so many online universities in Dubai and all around in the world through which you can enroll in the online MBA degree program. If you think that completing an online MBA is a difficult task to do so, we let you know that at the time of advent in the technology and modern education ...

Answered: Scooters on the highway

You would have to look up the law in you state. In my state NC we only can ride 50cc scooters and not go no faster than 30mph on the road which i think is dumb. Also we have to ride to left clost to the white line. If you have a scooter than goes any faster you have to go to the DMV.

Answered: Site:www.facebook.com is it possible to receive ...

You just don't need to look at your wall. However, I think my fiance knows how to change the settings as I cannot seem to figure it out. So when he gets home I will ask him and get back to you.

Answered: seconds on a fifth mile track is how many mph

0.2 miles / 13 sec = 1/65 (miles per second) as there are 3600 seconds in 1 hour (so 1 second = 1/3600 hour): = 1/65 * 3600 miles per hour = 55.38 [mph] Rounded from 55.38462 [mph].....

Answered: How long will it take to go 15 miles average 13.42 mph?

15/13.42 = 1.1177 [hr] = 1.1177 *60 [min] = 67 [min]

Answered: How do i know what my mph is?

Your speedometer shows your mph. If you need to know mpg, many cars now show it; for those that don't, use the trip odometer to measure miles between filling the tank, and divide the miles by the number of gallons.
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How does the susuki hayabusa handel at 190 mph?

Trust me, I'm not trying to find out!

Chevy S10--4.3 engine-runs good to 55 mph and will not accelerate above

Sounds like it may have a governor. Many rental vans had them some years ago. I rented a chevy van to move my daughter from florida to Seattle and discovered it was limited by a governor. I found it to be dangerous, for you could be in the middle of passing only to have it shut down at exactly 55 in ...

Application that makes iphone unreachable once your speed is above 15

It is a safety thing. It removes the temptation to reach for a ringing phone once you reach 15 mph. It is one step up from no texting while driving.

How long to walk .5 mile at 2mph. ?

.5 mile divided by 2 miles per hour gives .25 hour, or 15 minutes.