What is more important freedom of press to publish pictures and names of juvenile offenders or juveniles rights to private court processing s?

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Answered: How does a person who has contracted Juvenile ...

Peter, generally SSI Disability is paid to those who are unable to work due to a disability. If you are currently working I would not recommend trying to apply for SSI as you will be denied benefits. If you are able to sit or stand for long periods of time, are mentally stable and able to ...

Answered: How to write a plea of leniency to Juvenile Judge ...

I know it hurts when someone we love is faced with incarceration, however these are the challenges we must face on a daily basis that make us stronger. He will probably be offered a plea bargain in this matter. His attorney will advise him if it is the best deal or not. Sometimes the first offer isn ...

Answered: What do you think of the freedom hoax? Freedom is the right to starve.

And what an amazing world that would be, when people starve to death in what is supposed to be the richest and most prosperous country in the world. The French Monarchy believed in that sort of "freedom". How'd that work out for them?

Answered: Juvenile Records facts or opinions?

I thought mine was gone, but at age 56, discovered it had not been removed after probation. Now to get rid of it, i have to schedule it back in my home state, and show up in person, to request it be expunged!! Like i have the time and money for that!

Answered: In New York State, can a juvenile offender, age 14, plead guilty to

Not knowing New York State Law it may be possable but i suggest you talk to your attorney first as it's best not to assume anything in law.

Answered: Do you know of a reputable juvenile law attorney in California? I was

If you are still looking for an attorney you can go to www.esquireondemand.com and post your request. You will have qualified attorneys in your area contacting you with proposals.
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I would expect it to stay in juvenile court. What matters is when the crime was committed not when the trial takes place.

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